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Worrell Durrett Gavrell practices in the following areas:

Automobile and Truck Collisions

Automobile, truck, and motorcycle collisions can cause devastating long term damages from physical injuries, medical costs, lost work, and a lingering inability to enjoy life following the collision, even when bones are not broken and damages may not be immediately obvious.

Insurance defense lawyers have access to investigators and experts that specialize in defending automobile and truck collision cases. Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys have experience with these sorts of accidents, and can provide the investigation and analysis necessary to maximize clients' recoveries.

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Successful claims for personal injury must consider liability, causation, and damages. Defenses against claims for personal injury may include intervening causes, pre-existing conditions, comparable negligence, and failure to mitigate damages. Personal injury claims are often covered by insurance of one form or another. A successful plaintiff in a personal injury suit may recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, lost future earnings, pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement, emotional distress, loss of consortium or companionship, costs, and even sometimes attorney fees.

Medical Malpractice / Professional Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims arise when a medical professional falls below the professional standard of care in his or her profession, thereby causing injuries to the patient. Non-medical professional malpractice can include claims for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, mismanagement, errors in judgment, misconduct and carelessness. Professional malpractice cases can be brought against:
•  Doctors / Nurses / Pharmacists
•  Dentists / Dental Assistants
•  Chiropractors
•  Engineers and Architects
•  Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Appraisers
•  Plumbers and Electricians
•  Surveyors
•  Attorneys

Estate / Trust Litigation and Will Contests

WDG attorneys have experience prosecuting large estate cases, and have demonstrated their qualifications in representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries in trust and estate disputes, both in their defense and and in prosecuting claims against them as fiduciares by beneficiaries and family members. Our attorneys have litigated numerous claims related to the validity of estate transfers, including claims where there have been concerns with proper execution of documents, testamentary capacity, undue influence, fraud, mistake, attorney's conflicts of interests, prohibited transfers, and forgery. The firm has experience in:
•  Will and trust contests
•  Defense and prosecution of breaches of fiduciary duty, such as asset mismanagement claims and trust allocation disputes
•  Undue Influence / Lack of Testamentary Capacity claims
•  Actions to remove fiduciaries
•  Forgery / Void deeds

Construction Litigation

Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys have assisted property owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and others in disputes arising from residential and commercial construction projects of all sizes, public and private. The laws pertaining to these areas can be complex. Attorneys practicing in this field need experience in order to understand the various claims, defenses, and timelines involved. Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys have represented clients in construction disputes involving:
•  Defective construction and application of the Colorado Construction Defect Reform Act
•  Non-payment for work performed
•  Damage to property during the construction process
•  Other parties' breach(es) of contract, failure to hold to promises, or unjust enrichment
•  Protection from fraud, misrepresentation, or concealment of information
•  Preparation and filing of Mechanic Liens
•  Contractors' Trust Fund Statute Claims
•  Recoupment of funds from Bonding Companies

Real Estate Litigation and Boundary Disputes

Ownership of real estate and the buying or selling of real estate sometimes creates issues that make it necessary to seek protection in court. Attorneys with Worrell Durrett Gavrell have actively litigated cases in many areas of real estate practice in order to preserve clients' interests in what frequently is the largest asset they own. Our litigation of real estate cases has included:
•  Adverse Possession / Quiet Title
•  Easement disputes
•  Disputes over ownership of ranch properties
•  Fence line disputes
•  Trespass
•  Nuisance
•  Surveyor malpractice and professional liability
•  Covenant violations and Homeowner disputes
•  Zoning / Code enforcement and Variances
•  Landlord / Tenant disputes, Evictions and FED actions

Business Litigation / Shareholder Disputes

In such circumstances, owner and shareholder disputes arise. A shareholder dispute happens when different shareholders, members, or partners begin to argue over the ownership of their business. Such disputes can occur when one shareholder or member takes advantage of the other who has less of an ownership interest, or when one member or shareholder no longer follows the Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement and begins to act unilaterally to the detriment of the business, over the objections of the others.

Contract Disputes / Litigation

People and companies rely upon contracts to define their interests, risks, and rights when they do business with each other. When those contracts become the subject of dispute, it is often necessary to consult with an attorney to interpret and enforce the contract. When the parties still cannot resolve their differences of opinion, it may be necessary to ask a judge to resolve the dispute. Leases are a form of contract, and disputes frequently arise under leases.

Contract and lease disputes require careful review of the contract or lease, consideration of the circumstances and the client's needs and desires, and the application of the relevant law. The goal of Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys is to move you past your dispute, to secure an outcome that maximizes your profit, minimizes your risks and costs, and gets you as quickly as possible out of the dispute or litigation and back to your business and life. We offer our clients knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who possess strong litigation skills, with the analytical ability to identify and achieve effective resolutions.

Divorce / Family Law

Worrell Durrett Gavrell attorneys have been engaged in divorce work and family law since its predecessor firm's founding in 1991. The litigation skills of WDG's attorneys will benefit you in the domestic context, allowing for solid advice about courtroom procedures and presentation. Our clients have ranged from multi-million dollar estates to no-asset cases. The attorneys believe that family law is a very personal and emotional kind of law that calls for a different approach, where the client should be able to exercise a great deal of control. While the attorneys believe that sometimes a hard-nosed litigation style is called for, sometimes that approach can be harmful and needlessly expensive. Every case is different. Contact WDG for a consultation today.

Land Use / Zoning / Local Government

Local governments adopt zoning ordinances to maintain standards and control over development projects. Understanding how land use and zoning laws affect your property can sometimes require experienced legal counsel.

The attorneys at Worrell Durrett Gavrell have consulted with clients concerning how zoning codes impact their proposed or ongoing uses on their property, engaging in representation before city and county governmental bodies when appropriate, and taking the matter to court when required. Attorneys have pled clients' cases for variances and special use permits, challenged local governments' determinations of violations when they were made in error, and represented local citizens seeking to oppose poorly planned or excessive proposed developments or special uses in their neighborhoods. WDG attorneys have also provided advice to private clients seeking land use approvals, clients either concerned with or seeking to engage zoning enforcement mechanisms, and clients contemplating land use litigation.

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